A family gathering…Ciamella Party!

As part of our “market research” (okay, mostly an excuse to make yummy food with family and friends) we recently threw a Ciamella party!

Ciamella Party, Patricia Alex


What is Ciamella, you ask? A delicious bread that has the consistency of a bagel but with Italian flavors. {See Recipe here!}

Making the bread can be quite the process— that’s why it’s best to invite over your favorite people and have everyone pitch in!

Ciamella Party, Cousins1

Patricia started preparing the dough early in the morning— giving it plenty of time to rise before everyone arrived.

She then cut us each strips, and we set to work around the counter rolling the dough out into “snakes.”

Ciamella Party, Teamwork

It seems like a fairly straightforward process, but everyone has their own unique style and we had fun expressing our creativity.

Ciamella Party, Small Ciamella and small ciamella maker



Some ciamella were wee (just like their makers)





Ciamella Party, All Shapes and sizes





 and others had that  “romantic” touch…



In the end, we had the opportunity to chat and catch up— and we finished the day with a delicious meal… SUCCESS!


Ciamella Party, Nonna, Daughter, Cousins

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  1. Great blog with the recipe and family participation. I know the ciamella was probably delicious with the anise. I remember eating this when I was younger. Looks delicious and excited to try it!

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