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Tomatoes on a crate, CASAGIOVE California

I love being Italian.  Both of my parents were born in Italy and made a point of raising me to appreciate my heritage, in addition to valuing the freedom and opportunity that America provides.  The Italian culture focuses on family and the everyday beauty around us. My most cherished memories involve eating for hours around a big table with all my loved ones, enjoying delicious food.  In Italy, the food tastes better because of three main reasons:


        It’s fresh. — È fresco

        It’s simple. — È semplice

        It’s cherished. — È apprezzato


Many people travel to Italy and/or love Italy for its iconic culture and food.  However, they are rarely able to replicate the meals and atmosphere here in California because they are unable to find the high quality products and/or don’t know how to use them.

A typical Italian market in Parma, IT

At CASAGIOVE, we will provide a traditional Italian market experience by offering a variety of quality staple items and specialty products, including unique and delicious meats, cheeses, produce and baked goods and sourcing most of these products locally.  We will educate our customers on how to use these products and foster an atmosphere in which we share cooking ideas and recipes.

CASAGIOVE is a small specialty market for consumers who are seeking high-quality artisanal products and Italian-inspired fresh goods that allow them to enjoy and experience the Italian culture and slower-paced lifestyle, while integrating local California ingredients.


Andiamo al mercato! Let’s go to the market!



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Patricia Bergen

Shopping for and preparing meals with family in Italy was a beautiful experience— one that I dreamed about sharing with my community in Dana Point, California. CASAGIOVE, recipes & notes, is the expression of that dream and I'm so happy to share it with you!

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