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Zia Ninuccia, the inspiration for Casagiove California

Zia Ninuccia

This is my aunt, Maddalena Santoro, or as I affectionately called her, Zia Ninuccia.  She was the beloved owner of her own market in Casagiove, Italy, and the inspiration for Casagiove, California.

I loved my zia.  I loved the way she embraced us when we came into town, and I loved how she made everyone feel special – keeping track of each of our favorites and preparing them for us with loving care.  For me, it was Carne alla Pizzaiola and for my mom, it was gelato di fragole. For one customer, it was a particular type of formaggino, and for another it was an especially crusty loaf of bread, delicately wrapped in brown paper and tied with string, with the family name handwritten across the top. She was all about the details, and she cared for others with purpose.

She knew I enjoyed not only eating Carne alla Pizzaiola, but every step in the preparation as well, so the cooking experience started with us shopping together and carefully picking out each ingredient.  We would then take it home, and I would stand by her side as she brought these simple, fresh ingredients together in the most delicious way.  She never held back; she loved in a big way — a way that I wish to share with others, at Casagiove, California.

Patricia, Owner,




Carne alla Pizzaiola — a meat dish made with typical pizza ingredients: tomato and oregano; the name literally means “Pizzamaker’s meat”

See the recipe here: Carne alla Pizzaiola from Memorie di Angelina (in English) or try your hand at this Italian version (with video!): Carne Vitello alla Pizzaiola from Racconti di Cucina

Formaggini — literally “little cheeses”; this term refers to the several varieties of soft cheeses that come pre-packaged and in smaller portions

Gelato di fragola — strawberry ice cream

What about you?  Do you have any special family dishes or food-related family memories you’d like to share? We’d love to hear them! [Comment below]


Italian Soffritto is similar to the French mirepoix… In Italian, it means “underfried,” which refers to the fact that each element is lightly browned. It is composed of onion, carrot and celery. Some recipes call for 2 parts onion to 1 part carrot and 1 part celery, but Patricia says her ratio is probably closer […]

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