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Un bel panino // The perfect sandwich

As a young girl, I spent many summers in the Campania region of Italy. One of my favorite everyday things to eat was a panino. A panino is the Italian word for sandwich, but it is nothing like the sandwiches that are often called “Italian” in the United States. It is easy to make, tasty and very satisfying without making you feel stuffed. I love making these sandwiches for others; it is a simple way to show you love someone.

The Campania region, where my love for Italy and the perfect sandwich began!

What makes the perfect sandwich? 

I. Good bread

Good bread is the most important ingredient and makes all the difference- which is why I intend on carrying only the best at CASAGIOVE! Good bread for this type of sandwich needs to be slightly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and partially hollow. This describes my absolute favorite bread for a panino which is called the rosetta and found all over Campania. There used to be an Italian market in San Pedro that carried rosette, but sadly, it is no longer open. It is very difficult in general to find any type of bread with the qualities I mentioned. And looks can be deceiving, so I always give the bread I am considering a quick squeeze to make sure it’s slightly crispy and not too soft or hard. I have found some good rolls at Whole Foods, and some slightly hollowed out ciabatta rolls could work, however, my favorite reasonable and convenient option at the moment is the Trader Joe’s Organic Artisanal Baguette. It comes in a closed sleeve (which helps it to stay fresh); it is frozen and brought out each morning. All you need to do is pop it in the oven at 375 degrees for a few minutes, and it’s ready to go. I normally don’t recommend anything frozen, but this bread works and it’s always good! If I get to Trader Joe’s early enough and the organic baguettes are still cold, I buy a few and pop them in my freezer so that I can use them throughout the week as needed. When I am using the baguettes for sandwiches, I cut them into 3-4 medium sized pieces or 2 larger pieces. If I am not lucky enough to get an organic baguette, I can use a baguette from the local market and trim out some of the bread inside to help make it more hollow. 

The perfect roll for un bel panino, the rosetta

II. Fresh, high quality ingredients

Meats – I always opt for the better meats. Although no markets near me carry the quality of meats found in Italy, I choose from the organic, nitrate free, low sodium, artisanal meats offered at whichever market I go to. I pay close attention to the color of meats as well. If it looks gray or tan or is even the slightest bit sticky, it’s not fresh. I make sure to give it a taste at the counter, and also make sure that it’s sliced to order. I rarely go with pre-sliced (even though they say it was sliced that morning), and I am very finicky about the thickness of the slices. It needs to be on the thinner side, without being too thin. Most deli slicers will ask, and if they don’t, be sure to say something.

Cheeses – My favorite cheese to use is fresh mozzarella, sliced into 1/8″ slices or the little balls of fresh mozzarella, called “ciliegine”, cut in half. 

Lettuce – Butter lettuce, baby greens or arugula (depending on the type of meat I am using) are all great lettuce options. I take the time to check dates on any packaged lettuce and make sure there are no browning leaves. 

III. Keep it simple 

One type of meat, one type of cheese, a little lettuce with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, a squeeze of lemon (or a little balsamic vinegar) and a sprinkle of kosher salt… and that’s it! Nothing more is needed!

IV. Wrap it up

There is something about taking the time to wrap up a sandwich that makes it extra special. I like using tan sandwich paper liners with a little twine, and then I add the person’s name and/or a little love note. If it’s a sandwich that will sit in the refrigerator until lunch time, I wrap it in plastic wrap before adding the tan sandwich liner. 

Wrapped with love, a favorite of my husband’s and sons’- roast beef, mozzarella and arugula on a baguette

V. Preferably eat outside, with a beautiful view and good company

In Italy, especially in summer, you are ALWAYS outside! You walk everywhere, you eat outside, you talk outside…it’s a beautiful thing. Eating outside with people you love and a pretty view is always a good idea, and it helps to bring a little bit of summers in Italy to California… so grab a friend and a panino and enjoy the fresh air and the perfect sandwich today!

Cin cin!



N°1 Torna a Surriento // Come back to Sorrento

~the following is N°1 in the series, Un’estate senza fine // An endless summer~

It was the trip of a lifetime, and we enjoyed every minute and every bite. There is something about the sights, sounds and smells of the Campania region in Italy that instantly charms you. Even in the intense summer heat and humidity, you just don’t stand a chance against all the beauty, liveliness, love and good food surrounding you. Not only was I inspired all over again, but I could see that this region had instantly captured the hearts of my two sons and husband as well. We had just arrived, and we already didn’t want our incredible Italian summer to end. Magari! If only! We needed to find a way to make this an endless summer…

Without saying it aloud, I determined to soak it all in, to take notes, and to find ways to continue our Italian summer back home and to share it with all of you. So, andiamo! Here we go!

Our first stop was the lovely town of Sorrento. It had been 13 long years, and as the popular Neapolitan songs says, it was time to come back. And I am so glad that we did! Sorrento is at the same time peaceful and energetic, old and new, tourist-y and local. Our little apartment was located up five flights of stairs in a worn apartment building that was filled with the perfect balance of contemporary style, old-world charm and modern amenities. 

Our adorable bathroom in Sorrento; the unexpected tile pattern and herringbone rug are so charming!

The view from our balcony was breathtaking; it didn’t take long for the boys to settle in and enjoy! When in Sorrento…









We couldn’t wait to bite into our first Pizza Margherita. Luckily, there was a pizzeria right across from our apartment. The owner listened patiently as I stumbled over my first few Italian phrases of the trip. She smiled lovingly and called me bella, while encouraging us to take a seat and relax. We talked and laughed and shared parts of our day until our pizza arrived. And then it was silent, as we savored each mouth-watering bite.

Pizza margherita is pure deliciousness!

After our first pizza (of many), we went for a stroll down the main street for our first gelato (of many!) and were taken aback at the simple beauty of the enchanting lights. The electricity in the air was intoxicating!

Sorrento at night, all lit up and bustling

On our way home, we stopped at the local market to pick up a few things.  We were greeted by the helpful shop owner who hand-picked the most delectable fruits and vegetables for us to enjoy. I couldn’t help but notice the market’s American name. I laughed out loud. To me, everything sounds better in Italian, and apparently to Italians, they are just as enchanted by the English language. (Not pictured is the infamous dessert bar down the street, called, “Sugar Party”, pronounced “Shoo-gahr Paar-tee” . Giggles all around!)

The Greengrocer, a local market in Sorrento filled with fresh ingredients!

Over the next couple of days, we explored every part of Sorrento. We took nothing for granted.

Each patterned cobblestone pathway,

each unique door, 

the bright colors of the buildings, 

the gorgeous views,

… all of it was extraordinary.

We ended each night gathering around the table for dinner, known as “cena” in Italian, and shared our favorite moments and pictures of the day. The late-night dinners at our new Sorrentine home were simple and featured two of the most precious ingredients of the Campania region, mozzarella di bufala (buffalo mozzarella) and pomodori (tomatoes). So fresh and so tasty- just a little sprinkle of local olive oil, salt and basil, and we were in heaven… It was the perfect way to unwind after a long day of walking and exploring. 

A simple cena of Buffalo Mozzarella and Panzanella Salad

Our time in Sorrento was the perfect way to start our Italian summer. We were able to ease into the Italian lifestyle under its gentle care. Our next adventure would take us to Positano, a slightly more remote and rustic (but just as charming) little town located on the Amalfi coast. 

Up next:

Positano, here we come…

and who knows what treasures we might find? 






Un posto a tavola // Transitioning to spring

I have noticed a little “spring” in my step. Yes, it’s that time of the year and I feel myself yearning to make the transition to warmer weather, lighter clothes and fresher fare. I am enjoying the dark mornings, knowing that my evenings will be bright. It feels great to wear my trusty jean jacket, instead of my heavier peacoat or army jacket with lining and hoodie. I get to bring out linen sweaters and start incorporating white jeans and sandals into my daily wardrobe. It’s a beautiful time, brimming with so much hope — flowers, green hills, vacations, sun-kissed skin and more time with loved ones. In thinking about this beautiful transition in terms of food, I have decided that rosemary is the perfect herb to help me transition to my favorite spring flavors. It’s got the heartiness, warmth and comfort that I am not quite ready to give up and just enough of the herb-y fresh goodness that I am craving more and more of. I have become obsessed with this herb in the last month and thought I would share some recipes that highlight it’s deliciousness to help you make the transition to spring too.

Favorite Dinners

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