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Un posto a tavola // Transitioning to spring

I have noticed a little “spring” in my step. Yes, it’s that time of the year and I feel myself yearning to make the transition to warmer weather, lighter clothes and fresher fare. I am enjoying the dark mornings, knowing that my evenings will be bright. It feels great to wear my trusty jean jacket, instead of my heavier peacoat or army jacket with lining and hoodie. I get to bring out linen sweaters and start incorporating white jeans and sandals into my daily wardrobe. It’s a beautiful time, brimming with so much hope — flowers, green hills, vacations, sun-kissed skin and more time with loved ones. In thinking about this beautiful transition in terms of food, I have decided that rosemary is the perfect herb to help me transition to my favorite spring flavors. It’s got the heartiness, warmth and comfort that I am not quite ready to give up and just enough of the herb-y fresh goodness that I am craving more and more of. I have become obsessed with this herb in the last month and thought I would share some recipes that highlight it’s deliciousness to help you make the transition to spring too.

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