Cena Viglia di Natale, CASAGIOVE

La vigilia di Natale— Christmas Eve Dinner Menu

When my mom came to America, she brought many traditions with her and they have become treasured parts of our family make up. One of my favorites is the seafood feast that southern Italians typically eat on Christmas Eve. Although there have been changes over the years to which seafood dishes get served, the seafood theme hasn’t changed. Here is our menu for this year’s Christmas Eve dinner — it’s simple, delicious, and a sweet reminder of our Italian heritage…

Menu, Vigilia di Natale, CASAGIOVE California

Buon natale a tutti quanti!

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Grazie for sharing!
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Patricia Bergen

Shopping for and preparing meals with family in Italy was a beautiful experience— one that I dreamed about sharing with my community in Dana Point, California. CASAGIOVE, an Italian market experience, is the expression of that dream and I'm so happy to share it with you!

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