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an Italian market experience— inspiring stories, recipes, and the best, high-quality Italian products!

Stay tuned— CASAGIOVE, the market, is in the works!

From a young age, my mother and I would visit the Campania region in Italy (where she grew up) often. I loved walking everywhere with my cousins, arm in arm, taking in the simple, rustic charm that graced each cobblestone path. Every day, we would visit the neighborhood store and enjoy the high quality products found therein. We knew the shopkeeper and she knew us. We knew the fellow shoppers and they knew us. We never rushed. We always laughed. We shared our cooking plans, recipes and ideas. It was a lovely atmosphere... one that I dreamed about creating one day. 

CASAGIOVE, an Italian market experience, is the expression of that dream. It is a market that:

  • Carries high quality, fresh, in-season and unique ingredients and products.
  • Inspires others to create delicious meals and to share those with their loved ones. 
  • Encourages relationships and a slower-paced lifestyle.
  • Highlights the simple beauty of Italian culture, food and style.

As my desire has grown to create CASAGIOVE, I have realized I am not the only one who wants a similar specialty market environment. Everywhere I go, every time I share my dream, people agree that we need something like the store I am describing. So, please join me and get ready to experience a lovely Italian-inspired approach to shopping!

A presto! // See you soon!

And in the meantime, be sure to visit La Raccolta for more of our story and La Bottega for some of our favorite products! 

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