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recipes & notes for a happy home

CASAGIOVE, Recipes & Notes for a Happy Home

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you thought you wanted them to… and that’s okay. The process of trying to open a market has taught me a lot and helped me to push myself and grow in ways I didn’t think possible. In fact, I realized that the true heart of Casagiove California isn’t the physical market, but rather, connecting with you about food and family… 


Want some ideas for a simple, yummy dinner? Here you go! 

Want to know my favorite type of product? Sure thing! 

Want a recommendation for this or that? You got it!

Want to come over and practice making something together? Please do!


 I want to inspire and encourage you to prepare meals for your loved ones and more importantly, to make time for eating together. I want to provide a space for exchanging ideas and being creative. Stay tuned for a revised version of Casagiove California that focuses on recipes and notes for a happy home. I am going to keep it really simple— just a recipe and some notes, every now and then. Most recipes will be informal; there won’t be a lot of exact measurements or steps because cooking doesn’t need to be exact. What it does need is love, along with a little bit of time and intention. I’m hoping my recipes and notes will bring you to the table and connect us to one another in a lovely way, as it has done for my family.


“and now we’re on our way to something greater, better than I can imagine”

~Dreamer Collective



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For your happy home

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Inviting Bruschetta

Italians have a way with words. Even one of the ways they say I love you, ti voglio bene,  translates to… I want good for you, implying  I care so much about you, that I wish the best for you.  Now that is a beautiful way to love others. They use words like bellissima, dolcissima and carissima to let you know […]

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